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    Our Kitchen Renovation projects

    About our kitchen renovation projects

    You can make an incredible difference to your existing home with a kitchen remodelling project! With older homes or growing families, most kitchens need to be opened up to create a feeling of space and connectivity to the rest of the house.

    Evolution Builders has, over the years, worked with some great kitchen makers and designers. Whether you have your kitchen renovation plans ready to go and need a price or are at the stage where you’re thinking about the best way to remodel your kitchen and need some direction to get started, get in touch to get the ball rolling.

    Once your new kitchen design is sorted, Evolution Builders partners with a team of fantastic sub-contractors to provide the complete renovation package. Under our project management, we will give you a wonderful new space fully guaranteed for ten years.

    Our kitchen renovations & kitchen remodelling services include:

    Kitchen design advice

    Renovation Project pricing

    Full kitchen renovation service incl. sub-trades

    Project management services

    Account management services

    All completely Guaranteed.

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    What our clients have to say

    We used Evolution Builders for our kitchen renovation in our existing home in Remuera. We needed to rebuild an existing floor and knock out a couple of walls to make it work, but Brent is an excellent and very competetent builder. His workmanship was superb. He was also an excellent communicator and kept me informed every step of the way. They worked well with our designers and manufacturers and they were punctual, honest and trustworthy. There were some problems with a supplier and Brent went out of his way to sort the problem out. All in all, it has been a pleasure dealing with Brent (and his apprentice) and I thoroughly recommend him.


    Frequently Asked Questions About Kitchen Renovations

    How do I prepare for a kitchen renovation?

    The best way to prepare for a kitchen renovation is to start by creating a budget and timeline. Once you have an idea of how much money you can realistically spend, you can begin to look at different kitchen design ideas and start planning your ideal space. It’s also important to be realistic about how much time it will take to complete the project, as this will help ensure that everything stays on track.

    What are the most important things to consider for kitchen renovations?

    There are a few key things to keep in mind when renovating a kitchen, such as ensuring adequate storage, choosing the right appliances, and selecting materials that are durable and easy to clean. It’s also essential to create a functional and visually appealing layout. We can help guide you through this process to make it enjoyable and stress-free.

    What are some common mistakes people make when renovating their kitchens?

    Common mistakes people make when renovating their kitchens include not properly planning the layout, underestimating the cost of materials and labour, and choosing low-quality materials. It’s also essential to avoid making any significant changes to the plumbing or electrical systems without professional help, as this can cause severe problems down the road. Therefore, it pays off to have the qualified expertise of a building company such as ours taking care of your project, saving stress, time and money in the long run.

    How long do kitchen renovations take?

    The time it takes to complete a kitchen renovation varies depending on the size and scope of the project. However, most kitchen renovations can be completed within two to three months.

    What does a kitchen renovation cost?

    A kitchen renovation cost can vary on many factors such as the materials used, the size of your existing kitchen space, etc. Contact us now to get a customised quote for your needs.

    What kind of countertop is right for my kitchen?

    The type of countertop you select for your kitchen remodelling will depend on your budget, the look you are going for and your personal preferences. Some popular options include granite, marble, laminate and quartz.

    What is suitable lighting for my kitchen renovations?

    There are many things to consider when renovating your kitchen, such as the type of lighting you want. Natural light is ideal for kitchens, but it’s possible to make changes that are both inexpensive and eco-friendly. For example, you can install LED lights on ceilings or use pendant lights above the island.

    How do I choose good flooring for my kitchen?

    When renovating a kitchen, one of the most critical decisions is what type of flooring to install. There are many factors to consider when making this decision, such as durability, ease of cleaning and resistance to water damage. 

    Some of the most popular kitchen flooring materials include: 

    Tile: Tile is a popular choice for kitchen floors because it is easy to clean and highly durable. It is also resistant to water damage, making it a good choice for homes in humid climates or areas prone to floods. 

    Linoleum: Linoleum is another popular choice for kitchen floors because it is easy to clean and relatively inexpensive. However, it is not as durable as tile and can be damaged by water or excessive heat. 

    Wood: Wood flooring is a classic choice for kitchens, but it requires more maintenance than other options. It is also susceptible to water damage, so it is not the best choice for homes in humid climates. 

    What are the next steps from here to get my dream kitchen?

    Once you have the right people involved in your kitchen renovation project, the rest will take care of itself. We pride ourselves on 100% commitment to seeing your kitchen remodelling project through until you are satisfied with the end result and back this up with our Delivering Excellence Guarantee. So, are you thinking about a\your possibilities for a kitchen renovation project and want advice – or are you ready to start now?

    Getting started on a kitchen renovation is simple! First, contact us to book your free kitchen remodelling consultation so we can help advise you on moving forward. During this consultation, we will evaluate where you are in the renovation process. Are you:

    • Dreaming of your new kitchen renovation.
    • Have your kitchen remodelling concept plans but are unsure of renovation costs.
    • Have building consent and are ready to find your perfect builder.


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