The Evolution Process

Steps To Your New Building Or Renovation Project:

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Every journey starts with that first step. Give us a call and we can have an initial conversation about where you are at in the building process. We can give you some great advice to get moving or, if you have begun the journey, we can arrange a consultation.


So you have your plans drawn up and are ready to go to building consent. The consultation begins with a quick budget and time frame analysis. We have over 30 years of building experience so we can quickly identify whether your dreams and budget are aligned. Getting it right at this point is critical to the project’s overall success. If adjustments are necessary it is best that they are made before going for council consent. Or if you haven’t got anything drawn up yet and need some advice on designers we are happy to recommend some of the fantastic architects we have worked with over the years.


Once everything is looking good with the drawings and they have been lodged for consent we can then move on to a detailed quote. Our personally developed in-house QS system has a comprehensive checklist that we will work through to produce a detailed quote, customised for your project. This will not only give you a better understanding of cost, but also a detailed timeline. During this stage we will visit your site to familiarise ourselves with the logistics of the project.


After the pricing stage is complete the next stage is to enter into a building contract. As members of the Certified Builders Association we can offer advice on the best contract for your project. All the contracts are transparent and current with the changing landscape of construction methods and regulations. We are able to run fixed quote style or cost reimbursement contracts, depending on what suits you best. Also at this stage we can offer you the 10 Year Home First Guarantee to consider. This is the best industry guarantee available on the market.


Now it’s time for action. This is the fun bit. Finally you see all your dreams becoming reality. As well as getting on with the hammer and nails stuff, our on-site system checklists are great assets to both you and our business. Project management includes overseeing our great team of sub-contractors who understand that quality and accountability are paramount to the overall success of the project.


We employ a full time, in-house, accounts manager who tracks the project through to completion so that the ongoing cost is always accessible to you. We will keep you up to date weekly so you’ll always have your finger on the pulse. Once we reach practical completion we will then complete all of the final inspections and compile all of the documentation ready for the code of compliance certificate. At this point the project is ready to hand over to you. We can also organise a professional clean before you move in.

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